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tv   [untitled]    November 18, 2013 3:00am-3:31am PST

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space for people to collect in different sizes. this is a detail view of that particular area. you can see the amount of vegetation that's been added. there's an area to the left where we have a theatre access point to during musical events you can enter directly from embarcadero and you walk underneath the gardens. this is a view from mid point up the lawn of the terrace. you can see from the distance is market street hampton and mission peak. you'll see that from the south bay. we've cut away pier at the southeast corner to create a
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small place where you can come with children. the plantings are the grass you'll see naturally. this is a prospective of that. there might be places to sit and that corner is given over to leisure activity. the retail is much more imitate. we looked the piers and their slithering at all and they have packages cut so some small and large. that's a driver of this new scheme. that v shape takes you throw the retail and a likewise you to access the site. those are the flat areas and a great many new terraces that allow you to sit out.
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we've added the green funny you shape we've added a terrace on top of that you can walk on top of the retail and a get a view back to the financial district. this is proech the south plaza area. there's the theatre entrance off to the left. once you're at the top you have a xhamd view of the bridge and north towards the rest of the bay and we've created more sightlines to the bay bridge. this is version 32.0. we look at the red dot you'll see the changes at least from that corner that red dot doesn't change it's location. we've cut a swath slow that area
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and we also make that hairpin turn you get a view of the bridge piers again. this is looking from the portion of the site. i'm pushing it probably won't let me go anymore. we've dropped the retail in areas down and by dropping the arena height when you stand on the embarcadero and look across your view is not defined by the area but defined by the embarcadero those have a scale. if you compare that to the at&t park i'm going to go back you see the dashed line didn't move it's the same location along the highway and it's a different amount of things. we hope you'll see the advantage
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of keeping those retail mass sz as they are. people concerns is the bay is so wide and a generous in the south it's actually, the horizon is huge how will that be protected. the pushing of the retail away from the opening you get a great view to the south portions of the bay itself. it's hard to see but the triangle responds to the actually part of the building. you'll see did mountains in the background. likewise when you get next to the bridge you'll see into the facility itself. anytime. obviously it will be managed but
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the motion is this is a great place for people to come and visit. the path of traffic is key. this is an important slide. all of the red represents wheel access or ways to get to the site if you're in whole or chair access. there's ways to move in that regard. the yellow lines are stairs. you don't have to walk through the retail you can walk a quick zip and the blue obviously you represents places for bicyclists and others to move along the pier. it's a hu it's a huge you differencely area. so you're going to have a bunch of variances of views.
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this is to there the amount of open space. there's rumors in the area wore dumping concrete into the bay that's not the case. but a big part of the work is to insure there's more space available for people. as i mentioned earlier about 60 percent of the pier is open space it's about 7 and 7 and a half acres of space provided open to the sky. but the vast majority of that is between zero and 10 feet. we've removed will i think the net is around 15 thousand square feet. we've add a little bit that's the triangle near the high dive so there's a smoother route.
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if you do that it will make the flow move. i'm finished a recap. we feel we've improved the that i had safety and increased the open space at pier level by 27 thousand square feet and decreases the arena area. and that's generated about 15 hundred square feet of net removal. those are responded to communities groups and informal conversation from folks around san francisco >> thank you. i'm done. >> i should mention there's a physical model. we do w have one physical model
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as the project develops we've got more. if you want to look at the model if you'd like or can look at it arrest questions >> thank you. i'll that open it up to public comment. we have a number of cards here (calling names) >> good afternoon, president fong and commissioners. i'm a native san franciscan born and raised here i passed the half century mark in san francisco. commissioners i'm excited to see this particular project come before you. it comes at that time when san
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francisco is in dire straits for revenue and ways to counterfeit of approve the waterfront. so certainly, if you consider that it would cost $50 million to demolish just to demolish piers thirty through 32 it brings a great many resources to the city we don't have. those piers have not been upgraded or significantly maintained since their construction. i want to say $50 million that the city, you know, has provided in order to upgraded the waterfront and the waterfront belongs to all of us. again, the city has been given an opportunity to utilize this area and as form commissioner on
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the park and rec the quality of life issues we address let alone economic stunts. as you all know the commission the jobs that come with those developments are critical to the well-being of our city with so many at risk men and women those jobs are a god sent and providing 50 percent of the apprentic apprenticesship jobs and to me this is a matter of life or death those young brothers and sisters be given hope they don't have now. so you've noticeed there some major revisions and as i witnessed at the port commission this to me gives me conversation
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their sincere and they've had an open forum for everyone to provide their concerns. and they've been responsive to those concerns. i'm delighted to see this before you and i'm going to see the decision you make >> the next speaker and in addition to the names i've called. >> i'm steve i'm a representative for the la crafts. i've been work in san francisco for the past 33 years and for the past many years i've been wondering boo about piers thirty and 32 now we're presented with an opportunity to build something incredible on those two piers a state of the arc
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center that's between our golden gate bridge. besides building all the things this project is going to stand out like i said to me it's in a perfect spot. along the waterfront i've heard it's not good but i think it's good. i ask the commissioners to please support this project and the buildings. thank you very much >> thank you. thank you, president fong and commissioners i'm dennis. i teach in the san francisco public high schools and around the diamond consulting education practice i've been developing
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sports mruthsz for many years i want to thank the warriors and i have been proposing to the warriors that they include the classrooms inside the arena. i want to thank them for moving their community room inside the rather than to provide educational space. in addition to providing high school and career development pathway programs this arena can be accessible year around for agencies throughout the bay mare area. i want to mention for the sake of the public that may not have seen envy proposal it's on just to mention one thing about sports facilities in this country those incredible
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facilities and this is a beautiful xylophone environmentally those sports facilities have a powerful influence on our youths. many any studies for many years i've considered if it an educational thing and this is a great earth design but the public-private partnerships that must take place are part of our education system that our kids need to experience. thank you very much >> good afternoon. i'm kevin carol i'm the executive director of the hotel and i'm a resident of san francisco.
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our council definitely supports this project thirty to 32 bringing an rather than to san francisco will help bring additional conventions to the city to have a big enough space will help generate more business so far our hotels. we have 2 hundred and 15 hotels we employ 24 thousand employees and 27 percent live and work in san francisco. with an arena that's being built it would bring in more events in addition to the warriors that's to stay in a city and hotel more san franciscans are working and more guests spend more money inside the hotel. more than half of the money was
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outside the hotel in taxis and restaurants and working with other businesses small and large in san francisco. an arena will help to grow that for us as well the city. also, this is currently a parking lot that's being used only for cars. the open space this would bring to spend more times on the waterfront. in fact, more space coming out is incredible. so for us the hotel council and for us in san francisco it's great for your residents and all it's a world-class city. thank you for your time >> i'm pat. i live about a block and a half
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from piers thirty and 32 pr i think the new design there's a significant open space. this benefits an extremely large number of folks in the million dollars. not only the people in the neighborhood but people who live in the city and region who's visiting outside from san francisco their going to engage with the bay. i never walk down to pier thirty and 32 there's nothing to see right now. if you look at the support base it's a extremely large. people want to see this happen. the design itself is fabric but the value to a diverse group of san franciscans is there. in addition this acidity is next
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to i think the highest number of transit million dollar west of manhattan. so we have this focused in this area an important location. troons bay >> minnesota buses and central subway and cal tarantula from the california train center and station. with the current giant games there's approximately 50 percent of those folks use public transit that's 42 thousand people coming in and out of the neighborhood so with the stadium drawings folks. from an environmental standpoint the mitigation in meeting goal standards will be better than the pier falling into the bay.
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it's an incredible space and the design is in the right place and thank you for your time >> good afternoon. i'm rubin. i'm a resident and a architect that's been practicing hero in san francisco for some 35 years. i am here to support the project and it's location. because there's a great opportunity to establish what basically is an opportunity to bring out an iconic landmark not only in the building but the social spaces that be provided by the open parks and access to the waterfront. along with the vistas also sfash
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the wonderful vistas like in new york and highland or the high line park. the cultural establishes a long range opportunity to also bring out not only the sports fanatics but the category by which open space matters to those who don't need to play and see the game. this also the opportunity by which the project honors the type of waterfront activities that were there along with reds joseph have a house and the current existing san francisco fire department location. we need progress and growth that's what made san francisco great. this type of project will make this type of city of san
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francisco san francisco better. this type of building and structure along with open space make a contribution to the fabric of the city but address the important issues every time the storm drains rush and pollute the bay from an open parking lot and piers are polluting the bay. san francisco is a great city this open space and along with economic growth that will continue with the type of economic support of small and large business organizations will be for a long-term a great addition to this great city. thank you
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>> good afternoon, commissioners i'm nick. i am part of the planning association for the richmond i'm on the park and rec committee. i want to talk about the passively lesson. i don't know how many of you are out in the passively lesson it will be so easy for me to get to a game. i'll be able to jump on the 38 from embarcadero to the passively lesson t is beautiful walk it's quick and easy. with the giants game as well. i remember a kid in high school cutting a couple of classes here and there to get a day game had
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to cut many classes to get to candle stick park. this is something that's going to make everybody happy and so great for everyone. thank you guys and have a great time >> thank you. >> good afternoon again matt with live nation. this year live nation will provide 40 live shows driving 5 thousand people to their show none of which are in san francisco right now. live nation is about the size of this venue and extremely how the warriors have handled this. impressive outreach asking for people's feedback and using that feedback to incorporate it into
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the project itself interest and to the questions that have come up so far we believe their unconscious working to create the best arena that the country has ever seen. we believe the design is fantastic and thank you. >> susan hester. i saw this presentation on tuesday at the puc and i pay attention trying to see if anything on the slides you're showing and certainly not on the website tells us how the entrance and exits of the cars
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are going to work. it's about been moved we have floor plates and but you should pay attention to the planning issues. the port isn't going to. b cdc may or may not. but there's was no illustration of how the strarns and exit is not just private autos taxis and others tour buses big buses, big trucks, deliveries how do they access this site? they moved it down to the middle and their rendering on line there's r vs so where is the
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transit entrance. the design has approved i grant you a lot but there are a couple of missing things. one of the major maritime use is the pier doc site at the end of the pier. not to be a big doc site for tour boats but today trips as they come in and how are they going to use that end of the arena. how are trucks and cars and buses going to access the arena on the embarcadero side. if embarcadero is tied up with traffic and tour buses and luxury valets just dropping off the pedestrians in front of embarcadero because it's convenient embarcadero lose
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traffic. i was here a week ago with the residents raising questions not so much about this design but how the entire site works. they have deferred seawall on 230 which is a huge issue hotel and it's surrounded by residents. if we don't have a solution to how people are going to flow through this area a in his design doesn't need that much. so you are challenged to raise those questions. thank you >> good afternoon, president fong and commissioners. i think back earlier to director rams statement about negative value land that he saw in
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detroit. i've seen recently a trend for, you know, keeping things the way their and not changing them. they sort of flight for blight that's happening near our waterfront. i gap working in the ship repair industry that piers 40 and southwest marine and the ear was full of warehouses and garment industries. i began to build portside and watch the growth of this area congressman in p a december late part of town. what i see now is still parking lots; right? and there's a discussion about traffic. what i can tell about the
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seawall and pier development you're going to take away 4 hundred parking spaces. so the traffic that flows around pack bell park or around embarcadero some will be taken away. this is a fabulous design that were i recently shared the vista looking at out from candle stick park i hope i can share half time during the warriors game and enjoying the bridge. i'm going to work with you and the warriors to help us get through. thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners.
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i'm here representing electric workers local union 6 here in san francisco. i'm here on behalf of to show our support for the warriors. they've agreed to 25 percent local hire and they are implementing the helmet to hat returning veterans to construction jobs. we know the warriors will work with us and are exfoliated to see this project move forward. thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? okay public comment is closed. and opening it up to commissioners. i'm start with a few are the model blocks measured inform fit if the


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